Do You Have to Change Everything?

My new blog starts today –

So why a new blog?  I have been blogging for over a year about education at “Principal of Change” and have made a lot of great connections in that time.  But I kept thinking about the title of my blog, “principal of change.”  I am very interested in the process of changing schools.  But honestly, I thought the play on words (principal/principle) was fun, and change is in – right?

The more I thought about it, I became less comfortable with the name.  School change is too important, and too complicated, to be the catchy title of my blog.  I wrestle the the concept of change – do I leave things alone even though old and dependable is not always the best for kids, or do I change everything and freak people out?  Should I tell my teachers not to worry or should I take them a bit out of their comfort zone?  Well, I’m happy with the new blog.  While I’m not about change for change sake, I am always….Principalwells.


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