Listen to the Children!

Student voice is so important!  I’ve been working with a group of elementary students in my school who have had a rough time getting along with each other.  I’ve met with lots of parents and school staff to help these kids out but progress has been slow.  I’ve also been communicating with parents and even though I’ve visited the class a lot, talked with the teacher, and visited with the kids at every lunch period, it is hard to really know how the kids are doing.  Today I used the tried and true magic of chart paper and a marker.  I told the kids that I needed their help with telling their parents how things are going.  Within minutes,  they had drawn a great “picture” of their week – gym was fun because they didn’t fool around “too much,” they needed to show more self-control in art class, they hugged their friends if they were sad, and were glad to have a classmate help them when they needed it.  You’ve got to love elementary school because the student voice is so strong!

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