Best Locker Assignment Ever!

I was amused by what I saw at a locker when I was walking down the middle school wing of my school the other day.  A cord from an Android smart phone was leading from the locker to the adjacent electrical outlet on the wall.  What a lucky kid, they had scored the best locker assignment ever if you measure lucky in connectivity.  The plugged in phone had me immediately thinking of how I try to score a seat near a plug whenever I have to wait at an airport gate for a flight.  I asked a few teachers what they thought was a good locker assignment and got answers reminiscent of my middle school (they called it junior high) years:  a locker on top, a locker near your classes, a locker near your friends.  How good is your locker if your phone dies in the middle of the day?

The phone plugged into the wall near a locker really isn’t that surprising.  It’s more surprising how we have not taken stock of how connected our students really are.  I know many of our middle school students have iPod touches and some have smart phones, but we have not thought about the learning potential of these devices.  I know we at lest have one student who would always have his or her phone charged up if the learning occasion arose!


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