What Kind of Plan will You Make?


It’s exciting to think that the first ISTE Leadership Forum starts in two weeks.  I am part of two Digital Age Leadership session teams.  The Educational Leadership in Dynamic Environments session is being lead by Karen Richardson and Paula Don, and I am being joined by Kim McMonagle.  The Understanding and Leading the Digital Age Learning Culture session is being lead by Betsy Goeltz and I am being joined by John Nash and Michael Simkins.  These two sessions will foster conversation and learning about what it means to be a digital age leader and just what this digital aged culture is all about.

For me, the most exciting part of this form and the sessions I will be participating in are the conversations.  This form is not a set of lectures.  Teams of leaders are coming to engage in discussions that will help them bring change back to their home districts.  The whole point of the Leadership Forum is to develop or refine your plan.  But let me be honest here, discussions almost always excite me and plans sometimes scare me.  It’s the plans that have too many steps, and speak to too many initiatives, the kind of plans that are likely to “fry” teachers when you try to implement them.  Nobody sets out to overwhelm teachers but it is so easy to do because plans often make sense on paper and give everyone headaches and stress when they are implemented.  This is why I am also excited that the lead facilitator of the form is Michael Fullan because what he says about plans really resonates for me.  What this clip of Fullan and tell me what you think.  What kind of plan will you make?


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