ISTE Leadership Forum Day Two….Learning from my PLN


I had a great time working with Karen Richardson and Kim McMonagle on our Digital Age Leadership session on Education Leadership in Dynamic Environments.  Our conversation centered around ISTE’s NETS for Administrators Standard 3 “Excellence in Professional Practice, ” which is how educational administrators promote an environment of professional learning and innovation that empowers educators to enhance student learning through the infusion of contemporary technologies and digital resources.  I have to say that while we talked about many virtual learning environments, I learned a lot from the people in the room!  Kim talked about the value of coaching and supporting adult learners at her schools and reminded me about the value of  providing a “back channel” for learners.  Kim modeled the use of Connect Live during our session where participants could post questions, resources and “aha” statements during our presentation.  Karen reminded me of the value of using aggregation to bring ed tech content right to our “door,” or iPad.  More than using tools like Google Reader and Zite, Karen spoke of the value of getting a balanced diet of information and described how she purposefully subscribes to the feed of an education reporter who “gets under her skin” just to make sure she looks at multiple perspectives.  In addition to learning from Kim and Karen, I learned from our participants!  I am thinking of an elementary school principal who is using Twitter to provide a “live feed” of learning updates for her school community.  She takes her device to classrooms and documents examples of powerful teaching and learning practices.  She then posts a picture and description of the activity to her school’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.  One might think her teachers would be worried about this but, to the contrary, they love the opportunity to share their work and the students ask her when they will be Tweeted next!

I have always known that you learn by teaching and today was a good example!



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