I am writing this post on the eve of the elections in the United States, a night where there will be winners or losers.  But I am not thinking about yes or no propositions right now, I am thinking of times when almost is really important.

I met a member of MASSCUE at a New England ISTE meeting this weekend and she told an exciting story of a one hour workshop that changed the world.  She had joined a group of educators who sought out Kiva Loans where a $25 donation would provide just enough funding to make a life changing project from across the world a reality.  Think of how important it was for this group to think of projects that almost had enough funding.

Later this week my teachers and I were reviewing our annual science assessment scores.  Our school did well, but not as well as a few years before.  Test scores at my school can be tricky because we are so small.  But it can be helpful to look at questions where our students almost scored enough points.  Think about the $25 donation that made a real change in the world and then think about the small changes in teaching strategies that can affect our assessment scores.  Go beyond the test, because they are just one data point, and think about small changes we can make to our teaching that will make a big difference for our students in so many areas.  Small changes can have a big impact.  In many ways , pays to turn our attention to goals we have almost achieved.


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