On the hunt for the Common Core


square Crash Flakes by Newhouse GrafittiI have traveled many miles to the tropical realm of San Antonio’s River Walk and ISTE’s 2013 Annual Conference to go on a safari.  Don’t worry, the ducks in the river are safe, I’m on the hunt for the Common Core.  Now, one would think it would be pretty easy to find the  Common Core at a conference attended by over 10,000 educators, but I don’t think my hunt will actually be that easy.  There are lots of products out there that will masquerade as aligned with the Common Core but that is often simply colorful plumage that is meant to distract us.  I am not looking for the same old book with a new cover, I am looking for the Real McCoy  This is the same mission I have sent my grad students on, to look for digital aged learning opportunities that align with the Common Core.  My hunt starts in earnest tomorrow as I start attending workshops, so come back to this blog where I will chronicle my safari and share what I find.


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