Caution: Common Core


Application of a telereference system to divisional library card catalogs by David FullmanThe words Inquiry and Common Core lead me right to Michael Gorman’s session at ISTE13.  To be honest, the word inquiry is what really drew me in because inquiry involves kids.  Michael was talking about inquiry skills that apply to many Common Core skills but perhaps most directly, his talk spoke to writing standards such as 4.W.7 – Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.  Look at this standard again and a few key words should stand out to you:  build, investigate, different.  Michael spoke of the need for students to be thoughtful about their research.  I remember being thoughtful about research when I was in school before the advent of the internet.  You had to plan your research because good research was hard.  I share Michael’s worry that research via a simple Google search is too easy.  Michael argued that students need to consider the following steps when they use a web site for research::

A – Consider who the author is

B- Recognize the bias of the site

C- Note whether the site is current

E- Consider whether the site effectively serves its purpose

F – Note the facts and content on the site

G- Note whether the site provides good links.

To serve these steps, Michael and his wife presented some of the following tools for advanced searches, the kind of searches that go deeper than the first few search results:

Google Advanced Search – (

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WolframAlpha – (

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Twitter Non User Search – (

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Amazingly Simple!

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Sweetsearch – (

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