Hands On Learning


I’ve been thinking a lot about how technology is either linked to a Common Core State Standard (CCSS) or how the use of technology can support students mastering a particular standard.  I am a big champion of technology use in elementary schools.  But I must admit that I was wowed the other day about a very “analog” method of teaching essential writing skills.  Students in one of my first and second grade classes were creating flip books to help them understand the concept of stories having a beginning, middle and end.  In this introductory lesson, the teacher had read the students a short book and asked them to recall the story in their flip books.


I have to say that I loved this lesson.  I could see students grasping the concept of beginning, middle and end.  I could see how this lesson supported the following CCSS standard:

  • CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.1.3 Write narratives in which they recount two or more appropriately sequenced events, include some details regarding what happened, use temporal words to signal event order, and provide some sense of closure.

Sure, there are ways to teach the same standard with digital tools such as VoiceThread or Storyboarder, but I would not want my first and second graders to start there.  There is great benefit from having students getting their hands on tactile writing tools.  This flipbook lesson was a great example of the importance of multimodal teaching.


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