Online Learning – Yes!


Desk for an Afternoon by Dave HillI am excited to be teaching two online courses for educators this summer.

Supervision and Evaluation with the Common Core and 21st Century Teaching in Mind is a course for administrators and anyone who might be supervising teachers.  This course will build your understanding of the Common Core and effective teaching with technology through rich discussion and practical projects that you can use in your school next year.

Common Core Writing and Technology is a course where participants will gain a thorough understanding of CCSS ELA-Writing standards and will learn practical skills that will allow them to use digital tools to improve their writing instruction.

I realize that many teachers and administrators may not have experience with online courses and wonder whether these courses will fit their learning styles or summer plans.  I think online classes will suite your needs.

  • You can attend online courses at your own pace within the broad guidelines of the syllabus.  Do you work best in the morning or late at night?  Do you have more time on one day of the week than another?  No problem, my courses allow you to do course work when it best suites you.
  • You will get to know your classmates even though your interactions are online.  My courses center around rich discussions of class topics.  Not only will I provide frequent feedback, you will have many conversations with your classmates.
  • Vacation plans will not interrupt your participation in my classes.  Remember, online classes can adapt to your schedule.  If you can carve out a little bit of internet time while you are on vacation, you can participate in class.  Even if you are traveling to a remote tropical island, you can make arrangements with me to keep on track with your coursework.

Here is what some of my students said about my course last semester:

“This was my first (I admit!) online class and I thoroughly enjoyed our discussion forums. Your contributions kept us on track while still allowing us to bring in those burning issues.”

“This was a great course and my first online course!”

“I learned lots from this class and the participants – very timely and 
extremely useful information.”

“I found all the readings, posts, videos, and assignments informative, very helpful and professionally rewarding (fun).”

“I’ve truly found this course useful and informative and I’ve enjoyed it a great deal! You’ve renewed my hope in taking online courses….”




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