Happy New Year!


IMG_20140626_172024245I am writing this post around ten o’clock on the night before the ISTE 2014 Affiliate Meeting in Atlanta,  Georgia.  I am excited for another ISTE conference to begin!  In a way, it is a little bit like New Years for me as a technology evangelist principal.  I have two goals in my head for the next school year:  Using Google Chromebooks to modify and reinvent learning in my school and using technology to engage my third and fourth grade writers.  I will be searching for tips, tools and other information on these topics that I can bring back to my teachers.  In a way though, these goals are just like New Years resolutions that I might make on January 1st.  Easy to make a goal or resolution but harder to carry it out.  Like this conference center that is filled with empty hallways tonight, I pledge to bring my goals to life in the new school year.  Just remind me about this post in November and see if I still have this twinkle in my eyes!


One thought on “Happy New Year!

  1. Because the Chromebook has an almost full-sized keyboard (probably a good fit for 3rd/4th Graders), it is easy to enter text quickly and accurately. I like the HDMI output, because you have a dual-monitor. Watch video on HDTV while checking email on the Chromebook’s screen. *I also like the idea of being able to “Post via email” and “Post via Voice” to a WordPress.com site. Students could take class notes using email and post to their WP site. With a smartphone, could take pictures of whiteboard notes and post also. Enjoy the Conference!

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