Creativity & Common Core – YES!


preziSometimes the briefest encounters can provide great information.  I pushed my way up the crowded stairway at ISTE 2014 today  to see some poster sessions that looked promising.  I was glad I found Karena Brace and Barbara Moran’s poster “Teachers + Web 2.0 + Common Core= Creative Classrooms.  Common Core and creativity?  Absolutely.  Karena and Barbara’s work at Wilkes University proves that there is lots of creativity within the Common Core and that digital tools provide students a way to unleash their creativity.  Karena and Barbara have shared their work through a Prezi which outlines the critical thinking and literacy skills that can be taught through a variety of lessons.  This presentation is filled with lesson plans, links and resources.  In addition to this presentation, Karena and Barbara shared information about two Wilkes University MOOCs (free online classes) are available which cover Web 2.0 and Mobile Apps:  Teachers + Web 2.0  Creative Classrooms and Teachers  Mobile Apps = Creative Classrooms.  Registration for the MOOCs will be available on the Desire2Learn OpenCourses website in August.


One thought on “Creativity & Common Core – YES!

  1. Thanks for the post — I’ll have to check out those free courses from Wilkes! I wasn’t at #iste2014 so I’m trying to keep up with others who were and learn some new stuff. Cheers!

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