Really Good News from the World of Leadership


On my sec11442320485ond day at ISTE 2014, I was invited to attend the ISTE Leadership Town Hall.  When I got to the ballroom filled with superintendents, principals and other school leaders, I was impressed.  First, you still do not run into many administrators at technology conferences – you’ve got to wonder what that says about education in our technologically connected world.  But more importantly, I was impressed to see who ISTE had selected to represent forward thinking school leaders.  A couple of statements by these leaders stood out to me.  One statement was by Derek McCoy, the principal of Spring Lake Middle School in North Carolina.  Derek is the current holder of the NASSP Digital Principal Award.  When asked about high stakes testing, Derek said that “We are not preparing students for a test, we are preparing them for life.  A pretty amazing thing to say when too many schools still live and die by their test scores.  Another impressive statement was made by Dallas Dance, Ph.D., superintendent of the Baltimore County Public Schools.  Dr. Dance was recently elected to the ISTE Board of Directors.  Dr. Dance said that “Education is about people, not about programs.”  That statement sounds pretty basic, but not when you consider all of the children in our schools who have been cast aside because they do not fit within the confines of a particular program.  It is truly heartening to see that leaders like those chosen to speak a this town hall are being recognized for their vision.  We need more of this kind of thinking in education.


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