ISTE no longer about technology


6659992675I’ve been going to the ISTE conference almost every year since 2003, which makes me feel a little bit old (perhaps wise) here.  I have noticed a change, at least a change in the workshops that I attend at this technology conference – there is little talk about technology.  I remember 2003 was the year when tablet computers were the big thing.  I don’t mean iPads, I’m talking about Gateway tablets where you could fold the screen of your Windows machine all the way around and write on it with a stylus.  I remember when teaching with a “smart” board was the big thing.  But I’m not thinking that much about technology this time around.  The important thing is – we are getting to the point where we can “Get technology out of the way of learning” as Marcie Hull of the Science Leadership Academy put it.

The ideas that I have found worth sharing at ISTE recently center around student centered teaching that get to Marcie’s point.

Think as if school is “the real world” Jeremy Spry at SLA

“We don’t want to talk about a student, we want to talk with the student” Chris Lehmann at SLA

“If your dream doesn’t scare you, its not big enough.” Kevin Carroll

“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein (Albert Einstein was not at ISTE!  Kevin Carroll quoted him.)

“Don’t talk about it, be about it.” Kevin Carroll’s grandfather

So, when we all go home we should not think about the latest Google tool or wireless configuration.  We can lean our shoulders into good teaching and “be about it.”


One thought on “ISTE no longer about technology

  1. Love that quote “Get technology out of the way of learning” !! I agree we are at a crossroads where the technology is in place and it’s no longer discussing the newest thing (although I’m sure that exists)…but discussing “how” we are going to use technology!

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