Redefining Teaching in a Chromebook Environment


11000370156_ebc1bd651c_mI’ve developed an exciting course through the Castleton Center for Schools entitled Redefining Teaching in a Chromebook Environment.  Students will be pleased to receive a Chromebook as part of taking the course. But that’s not the exciting part.  Lots of courses provide students with equipment, but what matters most how teachers use digital tools to improve teaching and learning.  My 3-credit course explores ways that 21st Century, learner-centered strategies can be supported through the use of digital tools in the classroom. With an emphasis on transforming instructional practice, this course will support educators who are or plan to be implementing Chromebooks or Google Apps in their classroom. Chromebooks are much more than tools for email and Google Docs – take your teaching to the next level.

P.S. – One more benefit of this course is that tuition including the Chromebook and three credits is only $1,200.  This course runs from late January until early March. REGISTER HERE.

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