K-12 Online 2013

I am excited to be presenting at the K-12 Online Conference this October.   My presentation, Writing- It’s All About Collaboration and Sharing , is part of the Open Learning strand.  The reason I am so excited about presenting about writing is that I feel that now, more than ever, the importance of writing is coming into its own in our schools.  And, I think we have the standards movement to thank for this.  Here are some resources that can help you make connections between the Common Core State Standards and teaching writing in an open and collaborative environment:

List of Common Core Standards in Language Arts that require the use of technology

ISTE Standards (formerly known as NETS)

Book Creator, the iPad app that Joyce talked about using with middle school students.

Joyce Babbitt’s school website.

eSchool News reviews 13 inexpensive ed-tech tools for writing. (You will need to register to eSchool News but it is worth it!)

A quick introduction to Google Drive Tools

Troy Hicks, author of works on digital writing speaks about how technology influences the teaching of writing

Troy Hicks’ Edutopia post on digital writing


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